Convenience is Killing Humanity

The technological era does not seem to be slowing down, but ramping up its efforts to replace human error, speed, growth, performance, and thoughts. People like Ray Dalio, of Bridgewater Capital, imagine a world whereby people make everyday decisions based upon an algorithm to eliminate mistakes, save time and to improve productivity, for what exactly? Why are we attempting to shave time from living and learning in an authentic and human way? If everything we do is being taken over by technology, then where is the need for human connection? Is it being replaced by wifi connection?

If we rely solely on machines to do our work for us, we cease to evolve, and become better. This reduction of adversity will do nothing to further evolution emotionally, physically and mentally. We simply become better at coding our lives, instead of living our lives. Why is Jeff Bezos frantically trying to take over every aspect of our lives? What exactly are we making room and time for? If we continue to allow the elite globalists to push us into this unnatural world, we will be out of work, relying on technology to shop, think, and do for us, what exactly is there left for us to do and how do we make money to do them?

All the books we read, movies we see, and art we share will have no meaning in an overly advanced technological life. We use art to become inspired to be better, to see alternative views other than our own, to enlighten, inform and allow us to escape “temporarily” but not forever.

Without having a job or an assignment, and working for our own growth what would we spend our time doing: gossiping, fighting, alienating, and focusing on everything else but ourselves? Sound familiar? That is what social media has offered us, the ability to do all of these meaningless activities for long portions of our day, deeming it living.

Work or task, if you will, is the only thing we have to allow us to escape the drudgery, minutia, and the tedium of people in a personal environment, which we all know can be over whelming, especially in terms of family. We now have this tedium on steroids, thanks to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, et al. Every one is shouting at one another, instead of working on their chosen assignment in life. Many have made this unhealthy aspect of modern life their actual careers and it has taken over classic marketing. Many aspects of this existence aren’t even real, much like advertising, etc. It’s all to execute an image based upon a myth, or fantasy.

When did real life become so unbearable that we’ve been forced to turn to a manufactured existence and why do people like Ray Dalio and Jeff Bezos keep enforcing it, jamming it down our throats in the name of convenience; convenience for what? What are they freeing us up for anyway? Isn’t living comprised of learning from our mistakes? Why do we need to be OVERLY productive, for what end exactly? More and more money in pockets of the people who live vulgar and extravagant lives off the backs of their poorly paid employees? When does the madness stop?

Why do we need so many material possessions pushed upon us to enable us to STOP LIVING? We keep living lives weighted down by material possessions and become slaves to debt to maintain these possessions. When will enough be enough for the tech billionaires and the hedge fund managers who keep forcing us to work “smarter” meaning more technological than human? When they create so much out of code that human lives become utterly meaningless? What is the end game for all of us, for them? We already see the emergence of robots and sex dolls that replace actual human beings, and no one seems particularly alarmed.

Success in a capitalist country can seem meaningless, fleeting and cold at times, but imagine being in a socialist country where your life is actually meaningless. Imagine being simply a number in a socialist country, whereby your life is sanctioned only by your perceived worth by other people holding the purse strings! Ever been to a socialist country? Many people die waiting for life saving surgeries. How’s that for not feeling cared about?

Greed is the root of all evil and is the beginning of the end for humanity. It rears its ugly head in personal relationships and manifests itself as cheating, and it spills over into financial greed, greed for power, etc. We have witnessed this in our media, politics and in our everyday lives. Our free government has become perverted in the name of greed for all of the above. It is by far the worst ill of humanity for it opens us up to all the other unflattering issues that proclaim us. If there is a corner to cut, you can bet your bottom dollar human beings will cut it, to get there faster, and technology is extravagant greed, nothing more, and it is being created to allow us to cut every corner for what exactly? It is to replace humanity, and we keep embracing it, for fear that we will lose out. We keep making the Bezos’s of the world richer, and ourselves poorer, for what: convenience, of course. Is convenience worth your peace of mind, your job, your health, and your wealth? Convenience can make you fat, sad, unhappy, greedy and perpetually seeking the new metaphorical faster, younger, thinner, older, richer, prettier, version of whatever it is that is convenient. We are in a never-ending cycle of buried despair.

What happened to ritual, and the process of earning anything? We go to Tinder and Bumble to trade our partners in, cheat on our partners, find another one, etc. It’s convenient and instantaneous. We are doomed as a society for not fighting it and accepting a non-reality as reality. We keep allowing technology to become more important than human thinking and life. To what end?

Globalism and technology are in place to replace human lives, with cheaper, less expensive lives to perpetuate what exactly? You guessed it, technology. We are on a never ending carousel of self-hate brought to you by Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates, etc. all claiming to be compassionate people when all they do is peddle sickness in every form and live extravagantly while all the rats on the wheel comply and buy. What are we going to do to stop this crazy train of influence? The only way OUT is through and technology is preventing us from living through it and growing from it. Convenience is killing us all and for what?




maker, mind enthusiast, independent thinker

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Sandra Oles

Sandra Oles

maker, mind enthusiast, independent thinker

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